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Welcome to the Opus of Gear & Powder

Before you is the ultimate source of knowledge of the campaign setting of The Age of The Brassium Gear & Ignitite Powder.

This is a fantasy setting that ventures into an age where the discovery and refinement of gun powder (dubbed “Ignitite Powder” or most commonly referred to as “Boom Powder” in this universe) has lead to revolutionary advances in weapon and transportation technology. Flintlock weapons, Gear Transits, Explosives, Alechimcal Wonders, breakthroughs in metallurgy, exotic fashions, and an incredible ability to travel to and communicate with furthest reaches of the world have revealed the way to a revolutionary society the world over.

Below is a general overview of the world setting, listed are the most notable and dominant political powers, the territories, a few of the most prominent societies, the most common races, common religions and some additional general knowledge to get you started. Each section will lead to it’s corresponding wiki page where far more detail will be available for you to explore.

The Planet and It’s Continents, Biomes, and Other Environments

“Aurbis” is the name bestowed upon the realm in which mortal kind and it’s diverse population inhabit, it is a large round planet located in the Gold Ring of it’s solar system. It orbits the star “Anut”, which was named after the creator god that is most commonly referred to as “The Maker”. There are a total of six continents: Aldion (The Mantle of Aurbis), Maerci (The Shimmering Strangelands), “Dirowvhin” (The Ash Lands), “Mehlgatha” (The Scales of Aurbis), “Orles” (She Who Embraces Anut), and “Horkus” (Peak of The Scorched Crest)

The Many Diverse Environments
Aurbis is an Earth-like planet, it’s biomes and ecosystems are nearly identical with only a handful of differences. For instance, there is an entire continent that is covered in abstract plant and animal life that thrives on a metallic liquid known as “Maercious” instead of water. This continent is known as “The Maerci Strangelands.”

Maercious based life forms are larger and more dangerous than the usual water based lifeforms that inhabit the rest of the planet. Their genetic makeup and physiology grants them a unique biochemistry that allows special biological interactions amongst all the lifeforms of the land. They can link to one another through strange tendril-like appendages to either communicate, mate, or absorb one another.

Another environment unique to Aurbis is the unique volcanic “Ash Lands”, it’s made up of a multitude of super volcanoes, a ground made of various forms of nutrient rich ashy soil substance, volcanic stones and gems, towering fungus, strange trees with a stone-like bark and glassy leafy appendages, and a wide range of bio-luminescence in it’s wildlife. There is an extremely exotic civilization of gray skinned, red eyed, pointy eared humanoids that dominate the territories of this continent and is just as advanced as the rest of the powers of the world.

These two alien environments are even further divided into differing environments, the regions furthest from the equator, of course, are colder and those nearest the equator are the warmest. The changes in temperature cause the already diverse lifeforms of these places to be even more varied in every which way.

The continent that this campaign will focus on is very similar to our Europe.
“Aldion” biomes have a wide range:

  • Tropic Equatorial environment lining it’s South Western and some of the South Eastern coasts
  • Mediterranean deciduous woodlands just North of the Western coasts that blend with the warm temperate forests further inland
  • Nemoral deciduous and temperate forests in the Eastern midlands that reach into the neighboring mountains
  • Extreme mountainous temperate forests and vast rolling hill lands in the North East
  • Vast grassy planes and few rolling hills that descend into an arid savannah as you travel South in the far West
  • A patch of dry desert planes that bleed off the edges of the savannah and cover a bit of the Western Coast
  • Huge temperate-deciduous forests in the North East that is home to “giant standing rock formations”, the “largest trees on the planet”, dense woodlands, and many great freshwater lakes and rivers
  • An expanse of swampy wetlands that snake between the planes and forests in the Southern reaches of the East, further dividing the mountains from the tropics and planes
  • A cold tundra planes that divide all of the midlands and Southern regions from the “Far North” with small patches of sparse evergreen forests
  • A stretch of planes and frozen lakes known as the “White Wall” that divides the inhabitable tundra from the waste lands beyond, extreme blizzards blot out the sun and roll through the White Wall all year around
  • Past the White Wall is the desolate expanse of frozen land covered with a hard crust made from a mixture of dirt, stone and ice that has been compressed by the giant ice mountains looming in the North, they are constantly shifting and causing massive earth quakes
  • Further North is a land is torn by colossal jagged fissures and massive spires of ice that jut from the cracked land settled in the embrace of the “Guardians of Aldion”, the six ice covered mountains that cut the rest of the continent from the “Deadlands” as an impassable wall in the shape of a crescent moon stretching from coast to coast in this Norther choking point between the frozen oceans
  • Deadland is the title of the fabled region lying North of the Guardians of Aldion, it is said to be an expanse of dead forests, blackened obelisks that touch the sky, a cracked surface of obsidian that shoot geysers of a blackened fire, and swirling clouds of black and purple with red and purple bolts of lighting that constantly spider across the sky

Continental Political Powers, Territories, and Societies

Aldion is home to two kingdoms and an empire that dominate the land in all political matters, those powers are listed below:

The Kingdom of Hahfner Hehln-

  • Which translates to “The Kingdom of The Hammer Handed”, from the ancient Human language of the Bronze Age known as “Barath’s Tongue.”
  • Hahfner Hehln is ruled at this time by the noble bloodline of the “Varo Royalty,” a long line of knights that are married strictly into royal mage families. The current king is the “Pure Blooded Human” “High Mage Knight, Seguri Adamus Afentious Varo VIII”, son of “Adamas Afentious Lesici Varo III”, elderson of “Seguri Adamus Afentious Varo VII”.
  • His title is “The Scorched Heart King” for he is a strong militaristic ruler that heavily supports the kingdoms armed forces and is known for the burning of his enemies establishments until they are nothing but scorched earth and piles of ash. The ash is the he prefers to expand upon, it is a religious belief that is passed through the generations of this bloodline:

“This ash is the godly substance born of holy fire that has consumed our enemy, their hearts and their walls turn to dust beneath our feet and remain as such beneath our structures, so The Maker and Anut demand it to be as such.”

  • The dominant races in descending order is Humans, “Half Elves,” “Aelisch Elves,” “Mountain Dwarves,” “Khelm-Deep Gnomes,” “N’hast Goblins,” “Dirowvhi Elves” and “Half Orcs.” Other races can be encountered in the kingdom for it is accepting of mostly all humanoid races, though these additional races are seldom native to or citizens of Hahfner Hehln. Racism is rarely, if at all, tolerated in this kingdom’s domains, the only biased they share as a nation is against the citizens and royals of the neighboring kingdom Arkatia.
  • The territories that fall under Hahfner Hehln are ruled by “First Enchanters” and high ranking Mage Knights of proven royal descent, they act as the “Under Kings” and are granted incredible stone keeps to conduct their rule over their domain. The kingdom and all it’s territories are located at the most central point of the continent, which is ideal for it’s quarrying and foresting industries.
    Hahfner Hehln has eight territories:
    Red Wall”, Seat of The High Mage Knight
    Hurth March”, The Warriors Throne
    Gladeark Hold”, The Loggers Land
    Dawn Hehln”, The Citadel’s Landing
    Seeders Reach”, The Farmlands
    The Pale”, The Colder Throne
    Shol’s Rift”, Where Gray Stone is Gold
    Hahfner Hold”, The Holy Land of Hammer Birth

The Kingdom of Arkatia-

  • The Eastern kingdom that has descended from the long lost ancient civilizations of Man and Elven kind.
  • Arkatia is governed by a large ruling body that consists of the queen and her royal family, a gathering of aristocrats and other important figures known as the First Circle (ranging from religious figures, scholars and wizards to famous scientists), as well as a collection of diplomatic and military advisers referred to as the Second Circle. The queen’s of Arkatia have come from several famous human and elven clans. The current queen is the Human “Queen Maelis Laeris Addonis” daughter of the former Human “Queen Solaeth Mae Addonis” and granddaughter of the legendary Half Elf “Knight-Queen Commander,” “Queen Laeris Rath Addonis.”
  • Her title is “The Pale Raven,” she is a just ruler with balanced priorities that meet her people’s standards. She is known as The Pale Raven because of the unique appearance of three great constellations in a single night’s sky that happened on her birth night. The event is like nothing ever recorded in the history of Arkatia and marked the first hours of the 13th Era. Her birth signs are “The Moonstone Tower,” “The Pale Lady,” and “The Three Eyed Raven.” She is viewed as a “Divine Speaker” of The Maker by the “Synagogue,” “The White Disciple” by the “Templars Ald Anut,” and by the derogatory title of “The Pretender” by the Mage Knight’s Order.
  • The majority of the kingdom’s racial population is taken by the Humans, the Aelisch Elves and the Half Elves. Other races are more rare, the minority consists of Dwarves, Dirowvhi Elves, Khelm-Deep Gnomes, and the seafaring “Maeroe Elves.” Some other races will be encountered in the kingdom but they are seldom native or citizens of Arkatia. There is an unfortunately strong presence of racism against all Half-Orcs, N’hast Goblins and any other race that extends from the Goblinoid tree of humanoids. Most citizens of Arkatia share a bias against the Hahfner Hehln citizens.
  • The governing of the provinces of Arkatia are distributed between the members of the First and Second Circles. They possess thirteen provinces in total, all of which are spread across the Eastern coast reaching to the far South and pushing as far inland as to touch the borders of the Kingdom of Hahfner Hehln.
    Arkatia’s thirteen provinces:
    Gravesend Flats”, The Warriors Silence
    Ashburhl”, The Seat of Science
    Gaelwood”, Nature’s Vast Domain
    Highland”, Where cities stand tall
    Ravenglass”, State of The Seven Sons
    Warkswarf”, The Ocean’s Ambassador
    Alban”, The Wealth of Arkatia
    Rogat Peak”, The State Made of Stones
    Portsmouth”, Her Ship’s Holy Landing
    Drem’s maw”, Our Throne’s Sole Central
    Fialthlend”, The Eye of Knowledge
    Sorin’s Claim”, The Templar’s Chosen Lands
    Forlorn March”, Where The Hammer Watches

The Empire of The Fae Lord-

  • Occupying the Western portion of Aldion, surrounding the Kingdom of Hehfner Hehln on all sides but one and touching the Northern and Southernmost borders of the Kingdom of Arkatia is the Empire.
  • The Emperor is divine, he is a self proclaimed “Man-God.” The citizens of the Empire refer to their savior and overlord as “The Fae Lord,” the title given to the few “Mortal Gods” that have mantled the title throughout the Empire’s history. His name is “Dagus” and he was born of the Dream Sleeve, the Empire claims he stepped into this realm through a rift in the Dream Sleeve after devouring thousands of “Threads of Reality” and absorbing pieces of different dimensions.
  • Fae Lord Dagus has occupied the “Krystalium Throne of The West” for nearly a thousand years, since the dawn of the 10th Era. His rule rejects religions that don’t pay tribute to or denounce his singular divinity and challenges the possibility of gods existing as all powerful beings that merely observe and interact through signs and miracles. His Empire was forged on magic and influenced by the outlandish environments of the West. Citizens of the Empire are cared for by their divine ruler when his intervention is required. Despite Dagus’ demand for total control and devotion from his denizens, they enjoy many freedoms and live without much worry. They are not oppressed, but are encouraged to live as they see fit so long as they know who their god is.
  • The Empire has by far the most diverse array of race. The population consists of Humans, Moon Elves, Dirowvhi Elves, Aelisch Elves, Half Elves, “Huscar Satyrs,” “Rhinon Satyrs,” “R’ahktkon Satyrs,” “Alu Theus Centaurs,” “Relwith Centaurs,” “Orcs,” “Gray Orcs,” “Orc’ai,” Half Orcs, N’hast Goblins, “Fir’hust Goblins,” “Roc Aviams,” “Seeth Aviams,” “O-he Casi’ith,” and finally the ancient “Osh’stahk.” The populations are typically split by the territories based on location and the size of the cities and establishments within them. They enjoy the biggest concentration of diversity in all of Aldion.
  • Dagus disseminates power over his territories through the “Dagun-Sol Kin,” avatars made from flesh and fueled by shards of his mind. These individuals can and will act on their own, but always in the Fae Lord’s favor. Being a piece of Dagus in flesh and mind, they cannot disobey or oppose his will in any way. The mystical forests and areas with “Thinned Veils” of the West fuel the unique exports of enchanted items and magical resources, the many ancient ruins feed the numerous universities with knowledge of ancient history.
    The Empire consists of twenty two realms in total:
    State of the Veil’s Lantern
    The Bronze Titan’s Country
    Monk’s Land of the Aneh Ramparts
    Province of the Long Providence
    State of the Scythe
    Country of Mohliz Serpent’s Shadow
    Realm of the Heaven Bane
    Silver Wood State
    Summoner’s Country of the Knight
    The Smoking Land
    The Smoldering Rift
    Gray Province
    State of the Great Mist
    Badger’s Land
    Realm of the Passenger
    Shatter Veil
    State of the Winter Liberty
    Realm of the Barrows
    Realm of the Living Skull
    Three Blades March
    State of the Eighth Tree

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