Empire of The Fae Lord

Occupying the Western portion of Aldion, surrounding the Kingdom of Hehfner Hehln on all sides but one and touching the Northern and Southernmost borders of the Kingdom of Arkatia is the Empire.

The Current and Past Rulers

The Emperor is divine, he is the self proclaimed “Man-God” of all the “Fae.” The citizens of the Empire refer to their ruler as “The Fae Lord,” the title given to the few “Mortal Gods” that have mantled the title throughout the Empire’s long history. His name is “Dagus” and he was born of the Dream Sleeve, the Empire’s archives state:

“He stepped into this realm through the rift torn from the Dream Sleeve, it appeared above Shatter Veil. The large man stepped upon the cracked earth and announced his presence with a powerful voice that sounded as if it were uttered from a thousand voices. He was Dagus and he had been devouring thousands of “Threads of Reality” and absorbing pieces of different dimensions as he ascended to Aurbis. Alskar arrived in a days time to end his claims only to be torn to pieces and consumed like a shadow in the light by the entity that called itself Dagus."

Fae Lord Dagus has occupied the “Krystalium Throne of The West” for nearly a thousand years, since the dawn of the 10th Era. His rule rejects religions that don’t pay tribute to or denounce his singular divinity and challenges the possibility of gods existing as all powerful beings that merely observe and interact through signs and miracles. His Empire was forged on magic and influenced by the outlandish environments of the West. Citizens of the Empire are cared for by their divine ruler when his intervention is required. Despite Dagus’ demand for total control and devotion from his denizens, they enjoy many freedoms and live without much worry. They are not oppressed, but are encouraged to live as they see fit so long as they know who their god is.

Prior to the 10th Era, there was two others that held the title of Emperor and claimed their own “Mortal Divinity.” The most recent was “Alskar The Magus.” His race has remained a mystery just as Dagus’ has. These beings were clearly of the same origin as they shared the same blue skin with similar glowing markings and intense yellow eyes that emitted smoke. Alskar possessed a yellow flame that encompassed his scalp but did not burn hot. His scalp was decorated with metallic lines that formed a large eye on the back of his head. The eye was adopted as his holy symbol. He adorned purple robes with extravagant trinkets made of various mystical metals that resembled golds and silvers. He wielded a legendary staff made of Kyrstallium, “Magisellium,” and Rubies. Atop the staffs krystallium body and above the magisellium trinktes and chains was a hand made of the purest ruby, it’s middle and index finger extended upward and the thumb reach out to the side. The staff is known as "The Magus

Territories and Populations

  • The Empire has by far the most diverse array of race. The population consists of Humans, Moon Elves, Dirowvhi Elves, Aelisch Elves, Half Elves, “Huscar Satyrs,” “Rhinon Satyrs,” “R’ahktkon Satyrs,” “Alu Theus Centaurs,” “Relwith Centaurs,” “Orcs,” “Gray Orcs,” “Orc’ai,” Half Orcs, N’hast Goblins, “Fir’hust Goblins,” “Roc Aviams,” “Seeth Aviams,” “O-he Casi’ith,” and finally the ancient “Osh’stahk.” The populations are typically split by the territories based on location and the size of the cities and establishments within them. They enjoy the biggest concentration of diversity in all of Aldion.
  • Dagus disseminates power over his territories through the “Dagun-Sol Kin,” avatars made from flesh and fueled by shards of his mind. These individuals can and will act on their own, but always in the Fae Lord’s favor. Being a piece of Dagus in flesh and mind, they cannot disobey or oppose his will in any way. The mystical forests and areas with “Thinned Veils” of the West fuel the unique exports of enchanted items and magical resources, the many ancient ruins feed the numerous universities with knowledge of ancient history.
    The Empire consists of twenty two realms in total:
    State of the Veil’s Lantern
    The Bronze Titan’s Country
    Monk’s Land of the Aneh Ramparts
    Province of the Long Providence
    State of the Scythe
    Country of Mohliz Serpent’s Shadow
    Realm of the Heaven Bane
    Silver Wood State
    Summoner’s Country of the Knight
    The Smoking Land
    The Smoldering Rift
    Gray Province
    State of the Great Mist
    Badger’s Land
    Realm of the Passenger
    Shatter Veil
    State of the Winter Liberty
    Realm of the Barrows
    Realm of the Living Skull
    Three Blades March
    State of the Eighth Tree

Empire of The Fae Lord

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